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HPE rewards Treolan for contribution to warehouse business development

8 June 2017

Treolan, one of Russias leading distributors of IT products, received a Hewlett Packard Enterprise award for its contribution to the development of the warehouse business in 2016. In doing so, HPE acknowledged Treolans achievements in the promotion and sale of HPE server and storage solutions in Russia.

This statuette from Hewlett Packard Enterprise is not the first in Treolans collection. Over the past 20 years of partnership, we have received many HPE awards for various achievements such as promotion of HPE servers on the mass market, support of HPE 3PAR StoreServ sales, first implementation of Web Service Advisor, etc. Based on FY2016 results, we got our Best Channel Coverage award, and this list can be continued.

According to HPE, on top of the optimized logistics and transparent workflow, one of Treolans key achievements is its best-of-breed b2b systems, which is designed to trace warehousing transactions.

Sergei Nikulin, business development manager, HPE Russia Server Solutions, says, Over the long years of our working relationship, Treolan has proven itself as a reliable partner, who always delivers on promises. The company has a strong team, smooth-running logistics, excellent reputation among partners and truly best-in-class b2b portal. We highly appreciate our partnership, and will continue to develop our joint business together.

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