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9 июля 2018 года

Agile POL Solution

This document describes Huawei Agile POL all-optical campus solution of the basic concepts, network architecture and key technology, and provide application cases in education, enterprise campus and hotel scenarios.

Intent-Driven Network Solutions

Huawei Intent-Driven Network (IDN) solution will bridge the divide between the physical network and business intent by creating a digital twin of the network infrastructure.

Transmission Network Solution

This document describes Huawei transmission network solution of the industry solutions, key features, success stories and portfolio. The industry contains ISP, Finance, and Media & Broadcast.

Intent-Driven IP Solutions

Huawei's Intent-Driven IP solution for IP WAN networks, which is an important part of IDN, focuses on business intent and user experience. We are committed to providing an intelligent, simplified, ultra-broadband, open, and reliable IP WAN network.


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